Marketing students at Texas Tech will hold a fundraiser to benefit Tent City.

Students from the Rawls College of Business have teamed up for a service learning project, which they have dubbed as “The High Cotton Affair.”

The High Cotton Affair will benefit Link Ministries’ Tent City, and will be held on April 20th at 7 p.m. at the Valley of Lubbock Scottish Rite, located at 1101 70th Street.

“The project is being put on by a special class in event planning and supported by my personal selling class,” said Robert McDonald, associate professor and area coordinator for the Rawls Area of Marketing. “Our goal is to raise money for operating the facility and helping to develop a more comprehensive program to help people who are homeless.”

Link Ministries works to help those on hard times get back on their feet. Tent City, located at 13th Street and Avenue A, houses 25 to 50 people at a time, and is seeking to expand to help more.

The theme for the event is Western Elegance, and the group says the menu is planned accordingly.

The evening will begin with a cocktail reception, followed with two options for dinner, including prime rib and pork loin, along with a macaroni and cheese and potato bar.

The event will include live music from the Benton Leachman Band and a silent auction. A standard living set which will include a tent, cot, sleeping bag, blanket, and toiletries that Tent City normally provides to each of the people staying there will be on display as well.

The event planning class is responsible for everything from booking the hall to choosing the date, booking the music, choosing the menu, decorations, silent auction donations, and table sales.

Money collected from the event will go to benefit Tent City’s operating fund.

Table and ticket information is available by calling Alix MacEwan at 512-507-2343 or by email at