After the lackluster finish against Kansas to end the 2020 season at 4-6 it felt like the Texas Tech football team was a horse with a broken leg. It'd never race again.

That might not be true though, after an eventful day for the Red Raiders yesterday, Brett McMurphy reported this morning that UTSA and SMU's Frisco Bowl has been canceled. Why does that matter for Texas Tech? UTSA is now headed for the First Responder Bowl and is waiting for a Big 12 opponent to answer the call.

Don Harris from News 4 in San Antonio reports that the Roadrunners are most likely to play either the Kansas State Wildcats or our very own Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Now, it's true that Kansas State finished higher in the standings so they'll likely get the first shot, but in 2020 you can pretty much throw the standings out the window. The Texas ties obviously favor the Red Raiders and anyone can call the plays for a bowl game, coaches leave and are quickly replaced every year.

People will act like Texas Tech would be underdogs against UTSA but I think that's a bit ridiculous. The Roadrunners are a very well-coached team and they got to 7-4 this season because they are a solid team. They were 2-3 away from home and Conference USA isn't exactly a powerhouse.

What I'm saying is this is as close to a winnable bowl game that I think Texas Tech could find.

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