It's rare that a Special Teams Coordinator would be the biggest splash hire for a Power 5 team, but Texas Tech has an opportunity to make a ginormous hire and it would make Texas Tech primetime viewing.

As special teams coordinator, Deion Sanders could help all over the field. DBs? He's a Hall of Famer. WRs? He's NFL-caliber. Returner? One of the greatest to ever do it.

The amount of knowledge and attitude Deion Sanders could add to Texas Tech is unreal.

He also adds a Hall of Fame mentality that Texas Tech football just doesn't carry. Deion Sanders is a winner and he emotes that winning mentality more than most -- and it's believable.

Sanders also has a son that is a very good high school football player. Shedeur Sanders is 6-foot, dual-threat freshman QB that does things like this:

Also, did you notice the logo on that helmet? It looks dang familiar.

If you think this is a ridiculous premise I invite you to take a look at this tweet from Texas Tech WRs coach Emmett Jones.

Here's photographic evidence that Deion Sanders and Emmett Jones are in fact friends.

Yes. It's fair to say Kliff Kingsbury and Deion Sanders have had talks. I don't know what they are talking about, but they have communicated. Maybe they just compared notes. Maybe they talked about getting Shedeur to Lubbock, Texas on a visit.

It doesn't matter what they discussed. The fact they are within a single degree of each other means that hope is alive, and I'm all in on Deion Sanders being involved with Texas Tech football. At any capacity. Heck, make him a brand ambassador.


Kliff Kingsbury, please -- at least offer the man a job.

We all know if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. And if you play good, they pay good.

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