Well, besides, 'who the heck is Kalen Ballage and how did he run so hard all over our team?!'

Following a 68-55 loss to Arizona State University Saturday night in Tempe, Red Raiders fans are distraught. If you used Twitter as a measuring stick for their anger, the temperature is nearer to 'livid' than 'frustrated.'

So many good questions.

First and foremost: Was this a coaching or player problem? Also, how did Kalen Ballage make the Red Raiders defense look so amateur? And why can't Texas Tech's defensive tackles actually, you know, tackle? Oh, and should one man scoring eight touchdowns maybe be against the rules? (That last one's a joke...kinda.)

And then there's this ASU accomplishment that Texas Tech's poor showing helped make possible.

For all the great work we're seeing from Texas Tech's O, the team's D doesn't seem to be anywhere near the same level. If Mahomes is operating from a penthouse suite (which he is, even during an embarrassing loss like this one), the defense is stuck in a B2 sublevel, waiting for the elevator. And fans hopeful they're at least pressing that up button aren't so sure anymore.

Back to Ballage. We'd bet money more Texas Tech fans are Googling him today than anything else. He just tied an NCAA record for most touchdowns in a single game, and it happened on Texas Tech's watch.

But at the end of the day, Texas Tech fans need to ask themselves if this is a coaching problem or a talent problem. Many fans on Twitter are calling for the head of the team's Defensive Coordinator, David Gibbs.

Is it all Gibbs' fault? No. But he is the DC and his feet will be held to the fire. Gibbs built up Houston's defense before coming to Lubbock. This is his second year in Raiderland. "Rome wasn't built in a day."

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