According to the Houston Chronicle, a man from Live Oak, Texas located near San Antonio was arrested by authorities for leaving a death treat for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. According to the Houston Chronicle, James Amos Headley left a voicemail on July 11 at an official's office at the U.S. Capitol. Though Cruz is not identified in court records, the initials T.C. were used and the San Antonio Express News confirmed it was Cruz who was the target.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Headley threatened to shoot Cruz.

“Pretty soon you’re gonna be runnin for your life, just hope your family is not with ya because I'm not gonna insult them, I'm gonna kill them, right after I shoot you right in front of them...” court documents quote Headley as saying in a July 11 voicemail left at the official’s office at the U.S. Capitol.

Headley was arrested last week by federal agents and charged with threatening to assault and murder a public official and remains in jail. The Chronicle also reported that Headley supported President Trump and was upset that Cruz did not align with all of Trump's views.

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