The legislature is debating a bill that would ban smoking in most public buildings. This would include bars and restaurants, but tobacco shops would be excluded. One of the arguments being used is that workers are being subjected to second hand smoke in the "workplace". I guess what lawmakers don't understand is that when someone applies for a job at a restaurant or bar, they normally know what they are getting into.

In my opinion, it's not the role of government to tell us where we can or can't smoke. It should be driven by the market and the decision should be made by the business owner. There are many places I choose not to go to because of cigarette smoke. Those places don't make any money off of me and that's the way it should be.

Texas isn't alone though in wanting to ban smoking. The bastion of freedom, China, is now renewing a push to ban smoking in  indoor public places. This from the AP:

Chinese health authorities are renewing a push to ban smoking in indoor public places, adding more venues like hotels and restaurants as of May 1, though still excluding many workplaces.


Dr. Yang Gonghuan, deputy director of the official Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a prominent anti-smoking advocate, said the new rules were a significant step forward but more needed to be done.

"A higher level of legislation is needed to make this ban more effective," such as dedicated anti-smoking laws at the national or city levels, Yang said.

It's good to see the arguments being made in Texas are also being made in China. So, I guess when we say our elected officials are acting like communists... we might not be too far off.

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