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Coronavirus has changed Summer travel plans for just about everyone it seems. Air travel has of course taken a hit as flights are down and international travel is almost non-existent unless you are going to Mexico or a handful of other countries.

Road travel is up though and up dramatically. For weeks now we've seen stories about camping and outdoor activities that are on the rise as people still want to take time off and travel. In fact, RV travel has increased as well as people take to the roads in an environment they can control.

So where are people traveling to? According to, Texas is one of the top travel destinations in the United States, but it's not the most desirable location. According to the study, Florida was the top choice followed by California. New York was the third most picked state and Texas came in at fourth.

So how much has RV increased in the United States? According to a press release, a lot.

Here are some of the key findings from the report: 

  • 40% of Americans increased travel by RV, camping and road trips this summer
  • 47% of Americans cancelled airline & hotels reservations this summer
  • 59% of surveyed RV owners bought an RV this summer due to the pandemic
  • 67% of surveyed RV owners increased their RV usage during the pandemic

According to the report, people felt safe during the pandemic when traveling in an RV compared to other forms of travel.

Of our respondents, 76% said they felt safe traveling in an RV during the pandemic, while only 34% said they would feel safe traveling by airplane and staying in traditional lodgings. In fact, nearly half of respondents had to cancel or shift travel plans for 2020:

  • 47% canceled airline travel.
  • 41% increased their travel by RV, camping, or road trips.

Expect road travel to continue to increase during the pandemic.

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