March 14 is known as National Pi Day after the symbol (π) that is used in mathematics whose first three numbers are 3.14. Pi day is celebrated with pie and pizza pie but one group of children were able to celebrate with just one delicious treat.

Georgio's Pizza and One Guy from Italy decided to come together to give back on Pi Day to the nonprofit the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch. KAMC news reports that this tasty surprise was able to be turned into an educational moment for all the children that were off from school due to the Spring Break holiday. At first many of the children didn't quite know how pizza and Pi Day went together but eventually were informed of the term pizza pie and the mathematical use. The Texas Girls and Boys Ranch was grateful for the pizza and a chance for the children to learn some new things while on a break from school.

The Texas Girls and Boys Ranch, originally the Texas Boys Ranch, was founded back in 1972 by Lubbock residents who wanted to help young boys at risk. Anyone interested in learning more about the Texas Girls and Boys Ranch can find it on their website along with more information about fostering children and the impact of the ranch.

The Texas Tech Blarney Stone

Did you know Texas Tech University is home to a piece of the Blarney Stone? According to legend, the stone was discovered by a group of engineers. After doing testing on the stone, it was discovered to be part of the Blarney Stone. On St. Patrick's Day 1939, Texas Tech unveiled the stone. Visitors can find it in front of the old Electrical Engineering Building.

Gallery Credit: Chad Hasty

These Children From Texas Went Missing in February, Have You Seen Them?

Your help is needed to bring these missing kids back home to their parents in Texas. Please look through the pictures and see if you recognize any of them. If you do, please contact law enforcement.

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