Frenship ISD To Offer Free Curbside Meals To Any Child
Do you have kids that are in need of of food for the weekend? If so, Frenship ISD is coming to the rescue. School children in and around Lubbock have been missing classes lately, not because of the pandemic, but because of the winter storm and the strain on the on the power grid...
How Lubbock ISD School Will Work This Summer & Beyond
Dr. Rollo was asked if she anticipates some parents not being comfortable sending their kids to school the following school year. Rollo said that she would love to be able to start school normally, but she does not really expect that to be the case. They are working on blended options for both physi…
Family Fun In Denver City
Terri Stahl shares details of the first annual Yoakum County Tamale Festival taking place this weekend, December 1st & 2nd 2017, in Denver City, Texas.

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