Tevin Madison is no longer a Texas Tech Red Raider.

At the 2:04 mark of the video above, Kliff Kingsbury briefly touches on Madison's absence during his post-game Q&A.

"Tevin is no longer on the team," Kingsbury said in response to a question about Madison. When asked as a followup when that happened, Kingsbury responded shortly: "Recently."

There is no more information at this time.

Tevin Madison seems to be supporting his teammates -- or at least his Twitter timeline supports that theory. Madison's timeline also seems to indicate he's in a positive place.

The dismissal is a big deal for a light secondary that had several injuries last Saturday. Keenon Ward and DJ Polite Bray both left the game with apparent shoulder injuries. Both are discussed in the video above in typical Kliff Kingsbury fashion.

Madison had moved from Cornerback to Safety this off-season. He will be missed if Keenon Ward misses extended time.

Texas Tech is currently giving up 531 yards per game. That is terrible, obviously, and losing talent does not help. What it does do is give some young player more playing time. For example, true freshmen Douglas Coleman and Desmon Smith had ample playing time in the second half to replace the injured Red Raiders.

With Jah'Shawn Johnson also struggling, there is now basically an entire defensive backfield that is up for grabs.

Why not just throw in the rest of the roster who hasn't played yet? What have you got to lose?

We'll have to wait until next Thursday, the 29th of September, to see who will be on the depth chart when the Red Raiders open Big 12 play against the Kansas Jayhawks.


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