Back in December news broke that a Tesla dealership was coming to Lubbock to replace one of the old Reagor Dykes locations now vacant in Lubbock. The new Tesla lot will be located at 6626 82nd st which has been empty since 2019.

The December story showed progress in the construction that was being done to renovate the office space on the lot, but the Reagor Dykes Mitsubishi signs. Now, we've got shiny new Tesla signage on the building facade and on the street.

That Tesla logo and the signature font look so cool.

Now, with a dealership in Lubbock, it stands to reason that more Tesla vehicles will be on the streets in Lubbock. My understanding is that the cars come with a personal charging setup that they install at your house, but these bad boys can't get a quick fill-up in Lubbock at any old gas station.

Drive around Austin or a major city and you see the Tesla charging bays here and there. Apparently, there are two different kinds of charging stations. One is a "destination charging station" and a second style is called the "supercharging station" Lubbock has a destination charging station right off the Marsha Sharp Freeway in between 4th Street and Mac Davis Lane.

Along with the dealership, Lubbock will also be getting a Supercharging station which is currently on track to be open sometime in the final quarter of this year and will be located somewhere in Lubbock. The map on Tesla's website linked above shows the potential Supercharging station located at 19th and Ave Q, but the Tesla subreddit seems to think the Supercharging station will be located at the dealership along with the showroom and a service center.

Another thread on seems to think that the Supercharging station will be at the new Toot'n Totum at 82nd and Upland. Wherever it will end up, there will be one soon in Lubbock.

Lubbock will join Midland, Sweetwater, Childress, and Amarillo as area cities with a Tesla Supercharging station.

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