Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz joined the broadcast to discuss current events and all the major news out of Washington, including the latest on Syria and North Korea as well as health care reform.

Senator Cruz answered questions and talked about President Trump's busy foreign policy moves, including last week's missile strikes on Syria, and the simmering situation, rhetoric and preparations for possible conflict by both the U.S. and North Korea.

Cruz and Hasty also talked about the status of the repeal of "Obamacare" and health care insurance reform, possibly through reconciliation, the Democrat party's delays in seating President Trump's cabinet, as well as the stalls in the confirmation process of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court.

Starting off the conversation with Syria, Hasty asked Cruz about the United States' role in the long-running and complicated conflict in Syria, and if we need to use caution in involving the U.S further. Cruz replied,

I agree with you that caution is in order. Unfortunately the situation in Syria is a mess as a result of eight years of Obama foreign policy failure, and there are no good options right now in Syria. Bashar al-Assad, the dictator, is a monster. He has repeatedly used chemical weapons against his own citizens, he's killed innocent men, women and children. But on the other hand, the rebels fighting against him, many of them are ISIS, they are Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, they are radical Islamic terrorists, and from America's perspective, they're even worse. And the very worst outcome that could play out, would be for Assad to be toppled, and those chemical weapons to fall into the hands of ISIS or Al-Quaeda, because if they had those chemical weapons they would use them to try to murder Americans and murder our allies.

When asked about the rising tensions between American and North Korea, Cruz said,

Well, North Korea may be the most dangerous place on Earth right now. Kim Jong-un, the dictator there, is mentally unstable...What makes this dictator dangerous is that he has nuclear weapons, and he has a significant stockpile of nuclear weapons, and he has repeatedly threatened to use them, and to use them against Americans. And he is testing missiles, ICBMs, delivery systems to try to carry nuclear warheads to the United States. Indeed he has threatened to attack one city in Texas. Austin is one of the three cities that he named as targets that he wanted to hit with a nuclear weapon strike...He doesn't even need a long-distance missile, we've got 28,000 troops right there on the border of North Korea. So God forbid if he were to use to use a nuclear weapon against our troops it could result in enormous bloodshed. Now obviously the response to that would be overwhelming and crushing retaliation, and that's necessary for nuclear deterrence. But, you know Chad, what makes this really dangerous is that ordinary cost-benefit analysis and deterrence doesn't necessarily work with someone who's mentally unstable.

The conversation then moved to the topics of health care reform, and the possibility of reconciliation as a possible remedy for the G.O.P.

Listen to the entire interview with Senator Ted Cruz in the video above.

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