tax reform

Tax Reform Bill
Andrew Roth on The Chad Hasty Show, discussing the realities of the new tax reform bill, DACA, Speaker Paul Ryan, and much more.
Tax Reform For Christmas?
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the chances for passage of the tax reform, as well as Senator John McCain's cancer diagnosis.
Tax Breaks and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act
"If you are a licensed gun owner and believe that you have a fundamental right to protect yourself and your family then that shouldn't stop at the state line. This is a constitutional fundamental right. However, we also believe in the 10th amendment which is state sovereignty, and so you respect the various laws within the state. I think it struck a good balance."
Tax Reform Optimism
Representative Jodey Arrington on The Chad Hasty Show discussing his optimism that tax reform will pass in the Senate, as well as other news from Washington.
Tax Reform Urgency
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the necessity for Republicans to pass tax reform, the contest over which party will control the next congress, and Democrat prospects for the next presidential election.
Texas Reform Delays
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show discussing the status of tax reform legislation, and the impact it will have on the mid-term elections.

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