2020’s Happiest States in America
With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting American's mental state everywhere in the U.S., the personal-finance website WalletHub has compiled their list of 2020's Happiest States in America.
WalletHub compared the 50 states using 32 key factors of happiness in order to determine where Americans …
2020’s Best & Worst U.S. States for Teachers
With World Teacher's Day coming up in a few days, and teachers working hard to implement social distance and online learning due to the pandemic, the personal-finance website WalletHub has compiled a list of 2020's Best and Worst States for Teachers...
2020’s Best & Worst U.S. Cities to Retire In
WalletHub also includes some comparisons of the "Best vs. Worst".

Scottsdale, Arizona has the highest share of the population ages 65 and older, at 23.4%, which is 3.2 times higher than Fontana, California at 7.3%.
Brownsville, Texas has the lowest adjusted cost-of-living index for retire…
2020’s Best & Worst Community Colleges
WalletHub looked at over 650 community colleges and judged them on 18 key factors of cost and quality to determine where students can recieve the best education at the cheapest rates. The data ranges from cost of in-state tuition and fees, to student-faculty ratio, to the graduation rate.
U.S. States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions
This list was updated on July 20th, and several states have moved around on the list since the previous report on July 7th. New York has moved up 16 positions from 45 to 29, Maine has moved up 13 positions from 45 to 32, and Pennsylvania has moved down 21 positions from 28 to 49.

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