Early on Tuesday morning, Lubbock's first responders were called to I-27 and North Loop 289 after a car stalled in a large body of collected rainwater.

Unfortunately, that's a common thing in Lubbock after heavy rains. Part of the pros and cons of a thunderstorm in West Texas. Anybody ever lose a car in the "lake" between the Walmart and Chick-fil-A on 4th and Frankfort? I digress.

Lubbock Fire Rescue was the first to respond to the stalled car and went to work. The firefighters blocked the highway to prevent other cars from getting stuck where the original car was. That's when the unexpected happened. A suspected drunk driver rammed into their truck.

Nobody was injured, but Lubbock is only 18 months out from both a firefighter and police pfficer dying while on duty and responding to severe weather.

"Please move over, slow down, don't drive," Lubbock Fire Rescue Captain Phillip Grandon told Everythinglubbock.com. "We can't say it enough — move over, slow down and this incident was someone driving while impaired."

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The incident comes a week after the Lubbock Police Department announced the intensified focus on speeding violations and to enforce the failure to move over or slow down when a stationary emergency vehicle, tow truck, or TxDOT vehicle have lights activated on roads with the "Move Over, Slow Down" law.

Grandon also said, "Don't drive drunk, it just shows you that even though we have a big red truck out there with flashing lights people still hit them."

The driver who hit the big red lit-up firetruck has been arrested. KAMC News reports that the driver is facing various charges including an expired registration, driving without a driver's license, and driving under the influence.

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