You see it everywhere. When athletes are drafted to a professional organization and have a decent contract to go along with it, they use some of that money to do something special for a special person in their life -- whether it's buying a family member a car, or paying for a better way of living for someone.

When Red Raider pitcher Steven Gingery was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the fourth round of the 2018 MLB Draft, he signed for $825,000, which is almost double what his estimated signing bonus would be based on his slot in the draft.

Gingery has now used this money to do something very special for his mother.

What a fantastic, heartfelt story coming from The Gingery household. The St. Louis Cardinals are not only getting a fantastic left-handed pitcher, but also a stand-up human being with fantastic characteristics. I, for one, cannot wait until he is slinging the ball across the plate as a Cardinal.


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