On the Friday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Steve Massengale spoke about his campaign for  District 83 on Texas House of Representatives.

Regarding illegal immigration, Massengale stated his belief that the federal officials have failed to secure the borders. He supports those that wish to immigrate by following the legal process, recognizing that they will contribute to the work force and economy in the U.S. He supports Proposition 6 and its funding source. He noted that some cities without the tax base to take care of water issues will need help. He supports local control, stating that landowners should control groundwater. Massengale said, "We've got to work for the least amount of regulation and we need to make sure that our producers have the ability to access their water at their own discretion."

Massengale believes the state needs to stand up and protect private property rights, as well as for oil and gas, rejecting federal overreach and stopping violations by the federal government. He also spoke on his stance on the rainy day fund, transportation, energy, school vouchers, and the sales tax increase. Get the details by listening to the interview below.

Get more information on Massengale at http://steve4texas.com/.

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