The town of Huron in South Dakota is taking on the issue of distracted driving. A new ordinance will be enacted that not only bans texting while driving, but also takes on other forms of distracted driving. Including eating fries out of the bag you just got in the drive-thru. According to

The ordinance approved by the City Commission on Monday night also encompasses distracted driving. Mayor Dave McGirr says that includes everything from eating pizza to reading a newspaper while driving. The ordinance also bars drivers with learners' permits from talking on a phone while driving.


The ordinance will go into effect sometime around the start of the new year, with police giving motorists a grace period while they become familiar with the new law. The fine for texting while driving will be $100, and the fine for distracted driving $15.

Eating a pizza while driving? I guess it's not the weirdest thing people have seen others do while driving. Well, if you want to cut-down on distracted driving all together, I guess the point has been made. Enforcement of this new law will probably be much easier said than done.