Being a new mom was the most uncertain, terrifying, happy, beautiful and stressful thing that ever happened to me. While I had the support of my folks, I also could have benefited from some camaraderie. I needed someone to truly understand what I was going through. It seemed like none of my friends were in the same boat, and I felt very alone.

Luckily, new moms no longer have to go it alone. There's a new group in Lubbock just for moms with babies 0-7 months.

Seed to Sprout Yoga and Wellness now hosts a support group by and for new moms every Thursday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. at no cost to the participant. (Donations are accepted, and I encourage you to donate if you can.)

The group provides tea and snacks and is BYOB (bring your own baby, natch). The group is led by a birth expert and is an informal gathering to discuss the joys and difficulties in being a new mother.

This group is my friend Michelle Murphy's 'baby' (sorry for the pun). She's a certified doula and told me why this group is so near and dear to her:

I lived in Pittsburgh away from friends and family when I gave birth. I joined a local mom's group kinda and it was so helpful with being a parent to a brand new person. You know that saying? It takes a village to raise a child. I 100% believe in this motto. I noticed a lack of new mom/community building group in Lubbock so I started talking about it to my friend (Sarah Pohlmeyer, also a doula and a childbirth educator) and we decided to present the idea to Lindsay Kerr (owner of Seed To Sprout Yoga). She was so generous in lending us her space so we could keep the group donation based.

Seed to Sprout Yoga and Wellness is located at 2610 Sale Drive, Space 16, inside the Cactus Alley shopping center.


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