The Lubbock Police Department has released a second officer's body cam footage, shedding new light on the arrest of Eliseo Padilla III at a Lubbock Whataburger Saturday, June 25. Padilla apparently had a butterfly knife on him when the physical incident started.

Padilla was arrested for Assault on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest and Failure to Identify during an incident that began when he was approached by Officer Mitchell with the LPD and asked to put his hands on his truck for a pat down. When Padilla refused, Officer Mitchell grabbed his arm to make him comply. Padilla continued to resist and pulled away, sparking the physical altercation.

Lubbock Police Officer Wood is seen driving to the scene of the incident as backup for Officer Mitchell when the video begins. By the time he leaves his vehicle and gets to the driver's side of Padilla's truck, the suspect and his fellow officer are already wrestling with each other. Another Lubbock police officer arrives on the scene with a taser to help.

You can see the butterfly knife on the ground at the 45-second mark, shortly after the officers remove Padilla from his truck to handcuff him. It's on the ground and within arm's reach for the suspect before Officer Wood kicks it away.

The rest of the video shows a different angle on the arrest, including more audio and a clearer look at the officers restraining Padilla.

When handcuffing Padilla at the 1-minute mark, you can hear an officer say, "We've got a little one in the car, we've got a little one in the car." Padilla's son witnesses the incident. His cries can be heard in the background during the video.

Padilla claims at the 1:45 mark that an officer hit him first and shouts an expletive at him. "Call me what you want to," the officer replies.

Shortly after, the officer tells Padilla to stay calm. Padilla continues to curse at the officers. He also tries speaking to his son before the police officers roll him over, lift him onto his feet and put him into a police car.

Later, after the suspect was placed inside a police vehicle, Officer Wood goes back and picks the knife up (at around the 3:45 mark in the video above) and hands it to another officer. "When we hit the ground, I knocked that off him," he says.

Then, Officer Wood goes over to talk to Padilla's son who was inside the truck during the entire incident. "Hey buddy, do you know if your mom's up," Officer Wood asks the boy, adding: "Daddy's OK."

You can watch that short clip below. We've blurred the boy's face to protect his identity and removed audio involving his home address.

The Lubbock Police Department said in its initial press release regarding the arrest that Padilla struck Officer Mitchell, the first officer on the scene, in the face with a closed fist after he had issued multiple commands for the suspect to put his hands on his truck so he could be patted down for weapons. Officer Mitchell's body cam footage seems to corroborate this series of events.

You can see all other videos of the arrest, including the initial responding officer's body cam, a witness-shot cellphone video of the arrest and the 911 call that claimed Padilla was harassing and threatening customers and staff inside the Whataburger, by scrolling down.