Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report, joined Matt Martin and Dave King on the KFYO Mornings Show to talk about several issues concerning Lubbock, Texas and the U.S.

These issues include the state of Austin right now, COVID-19 in Dallas/Fort Worth, criticisms of Governor Greg Abbott and local officials around coronavirus safety procedures, undocumented immigrants included in the U.S. Census, voter fraud, Mayor Adler, and more.

The conversation started by Braddock explaining the various things that are going on in Austin right now, where they are trying to figure out what the legislative session will look like, the budget deficit, and how they will even meet during this ongoing pandemic.

Additionally, Austin has the Republican Caucus of the Texas House, which will be meeting to pick a new chairman, and hospitals that are struggling with the COVID-19 rate.

Braddock was asked to expand on that issue, to which he explained that Austin is at stage 4 in relation to the coronavirus and that things are not looking great, with low staffing causing high hospital capacity. He went on to point out that Dallas/Fort Worth is having a rough time as well, with a hospital rate above the 15 percent threshold for over a week. Under current executive orders, that triggers an automatic rollback on the indoor capacity for businesses and causes shutdowns without an additional order from the governor needing to be put in place.

Braddock also discussed the Supreme Court looking at counting undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Census, considering that there is nothing in the constitution that says that you have to be a legal citizen to be counted; the U.S. Census being more about counting everyone who is here.

He explained that the Biden administration is already taking a look at a possible new census. Braddock added that many people criticized the Trump administration's handling of the census, saying that they rushed things during the pandemic and that they took the position that undocumented immigrants should not be counted.

Braddock went on to say that courts are looking at that position with a skeptical view, saying "to not count undocumented people in Texas is just the case that would be, you know, cutting off our nose to spite our face," Regardless of how they're here, they're here, he said.

Finally, Braddock talked about Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who recently received criticism for telling people to stay home as Texas entered another surge of the coronavirus, but giving that recommendation from Mexico where he was having a wedding for his daughter, leading many to see some hypocrisy.

Adler issued a strange apology where he said that his words and actions were confusing to people. Braddock said that people were not confused, but understood the hypocrisy exactly, and were not happy about it.

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