Saturday, May 1st, various municipal elections took place across Texas, including a number of city and school board elections.

In Lubbock, while there was no election for any city council positions, there was a referendum concerning a proposed ordinance. Lubbock citizens were able to cast an up-or-down vote concerning the colloquial named 'Sanctuary City for the Unborn' ordinance. If passed, this ordinance would ban abortions from being performed by medical personnel within the City of Lubbock.

The ordinance was passed in Lubbock, with 62.46 percent of voters, voting in favor of the ordinance. The raw vote total was 21,400 in favor and 12,860 against.

Over 250 people were in attendance at Trinity Church in Lubbock at a rally sponsored by Project Destiny, which helped spearhead support for the ordinance across the city.

Project Destiny Rally at Trinity Church - May 1, 2021
Rob Snyder,

After the passing of the ordinance was announced on Saturday night, Lubbock Mayor Dan pope issued a statement.

"Over the course of several months, Lubbock citizens who support the ordinance and those opposed have expressed their thoughts in public forums and engaged in passionate debate on this sensitive issue," Pope said. "Today, voters made it clear that Lubbock will become the next sanctuary city for the unborn. I am encouraged by the significant voter turnout."

"On behalf of the City Council, our duty as elected officials is to begin the process in adding the approved ordinance to the City of Lubbock Code of Ordinances, as directed by the Lubbock City Charter. The Lubbock City Council, per state law, will canvass the votes from this election on Tuesday, May 11, with a likely ordinance effective date as early as June 1," said Mayor Pope.

A number of political organizations from across the state praised the passing of the ordinance, including Texas Right to Life.

"We celebrate this Pro-Life victory and applaud the dedicated and inspiring work of activists, local leaders, and Lubbock citizens who brought the ordinance forward, pushed for a vote, and shepherded the Pro-Life policy across the finish line. Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), Raiders Defending Life, Mark Lee Dickson, and so many others were instrumental in this effort," said Texas Right to Life Director of Media and Communication Kimberlyn Schwartz.

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