Yes, THAT Sahara. You know, the one in northern AFRICA. It turns out that Columbus isn't the only thing crossing oceans, as dust and sand particles have a tendency to do so as well.

By Sunday evening, much of south Texas will go to bed with a gritty feel in their mouths. But don't worry, it's only the literal desert that you're tasting.

How does sand travel across the Atlantic Ocean?

When a large storm occurs around the African Sahel region, the high winds can send plumes of dust thousands of miles. This natural weather phenomenon can also travel through the Earth's atmosphere by replacing the moisture in the air.

These plumes can just coast from current to current across great distances, like this current one heading our way from Africa.

Is the Saharan dust plume dangerous?

Weather-wise, not really. It could sap the atmosphere around portions of Texas of moisture and limit thunderstorm development, but that's rare and will cause some colorful sunsets at most.

You would be safe to treat this occurrence similar to your average dust storm in west Texas. If you have asthma or are prone to respiratory difficulties, then yeah, make sure you take proper precautions and stay inside if you reside in the affected portions of Texas.

The bright side of dust plumes in Texas

At the very least, as long as you are not planning on doing heavy outdoor work this weekend, you can end your days with beautiful sunsets as the dust enhances the yellowish hues of the horizon.

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