The results of a wide-ranging survey conducted by students in Texas Tech’s political science department was released today. The survey, conducted after the 2014 Primary Election, featured questions about various politicians and national issues.

The first question in the survey was: ‘Who would you vote for in the Texas Gubernatorial election this November?’ 54% of respondents said Greg Abbott, 25% for Wendy Davis and 15% were undecided and 6% would vote for a third-party candidate.

In the survey, President Barack Obama was given a 73% disapproval rating, Obamacare was given the same 73% disapproval rating.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz received a 51% approval rating, while Senator John Cornyn received a 46% approval rating.

Concerning the gay marriage issue: 48% were in favor of recognizing gay marriage while 47% of the survey’s respondents were against it.

97% of people surveyed said they had no problem with the new Texas Photo ID law when voting in the 2014 Primary Election.

The recent NSA wiretapping scandal was the subject of one question in the survey. 55% of those surveyed said the NSA wiretapping had gone too far and violated privacy rights. 38% agreed with the premise that the wiretapping is necessary to fight terrorism.

The Texas Tech survey, conducted over the telephone, surveyed a random sample of 454 adults across the state of Texas.  The margin of error was found to be +/- 4.6%.

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