Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Bart Reagor, co-owner of Reagor Dykes Auto Group, spoke with Tom and Laura about the purchase of a new location in downtown Lubbock.

The company purchased the Myrick-Green and Cobb buildings in the downtown area, on 13th and Avenue J. The company is among some of the first to kick start restoration of buildings in an attempt to make downtown Lubbock more aesthetically pleasing. They are working as part of the Lubbock Downtown Redevelopment Corp. Reagor said, "I think downtown Lubbock says a lot about us in Lubbock that I don't want people to think about us. So I think we need to clean it up."

Reagor Dykes has been successfully expanding in recent years in areas around Lubbock, including a recent completion of a new corporate headquarters.The company celebrated its 10 year anniversary in October of this year.

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