Texas's 19th Congressional District Representative Randy Neugebauer talked about the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill meant to keep the government open after the beginning of the year during Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News.

The bill that has passed both houses now awaits approval from President Barack Obama.

Neugebauer said mega-spending bills like this one aren't good for the country, adding that he is looking forward to a change in the way Congress handles appropriations bills in the future.

"What I'm hopeful is in the next Congress, where we will have a Mitch McConnell as the majority leader in the Senate, is that the House will take up their spending bills and the will send those over to the Senate and the Senate will take up theirs and we will conference those bills on an individual basis, and it's much easier to understand what is in those bills and to do them in a methodical way," he said. "But these omnibus bills have unfortunately become a 'must pass' piece of legislation and have good and bad things put in them."

Neugebauer also gave an update on section 179 of the tax code. The representative said he is hopeful that in the next session of Congress tax reform legislation will pass and there will be tax breaks for small business owners.

According to him, it's beneficial for small business owners to be able to save on taxes and be able to reinvest in their businesses.

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