Monday on Lubbock's First News with Tom Collins and Laura Mac, Representative Randy Neugebauer joined the show to talk about the archiving of his documents at Texas Tech University, the controversy over Hillary Clinton's health, U.S. defense and entitlement spending, as well as the minimum wage.

When asked by Collins about Republican party insiders who choose or choose not to endorse candidate Donald Trump for the Presidency, Neugebauer said, "[People inside the GOP] are warming up to the fact that if you don't support Donald Trump, then you're really going to be supporting Hillary Clinton, so within the Republican party you've seen some members that have openly embraced Trump, others that have said, used the term 'I'm going to support the nominee', others are just kind of running their own campaign and staying away from the Presidential endorsement."

During the discussion about Hillary Clinton's health, Neugebauer said,

Certainly, if there are serious health issues here, I think the American people should have access to that information, because we need a healthy Commander in Chief.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Randy Neugebauer in the video above.

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