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The Texas Legislature will be holding hearings Thursday on what went wrong with ERCOT during the massive winter storm that left damage totaling in the billions and at one point had millions of Texans without power, heat, and water.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been on a tour of Texas and in a stop in Lubbock on Monday told the press that "we're going to get to the bottom of it and we're going to fix it". The Lieutenant Governor even went further saying that, "I'm personally going to put it on my back to be the person responsible for the fix.

That's a lot of responsibility and a pretty big promise to make when we don't have all the answers as to what went wrong with the grid. It's also a big promise to make to the citizens of Lubbock who are months away from joining ERCOT and according to Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope, everything is still on track for that to happen. When Mayor Pope appeared on my show Tuesday, he told listeners that only inaction could really lead to a change in direction for Lubbock, LP&L, and ERCOT.

While Lubbock is on track to join ERCOT, some in Harris County are wanting to explore ways of leaving ERCOT after the disaster that was last week. I can't say I blame them.

Whatever happens, hopefully this week the citizens of Texas begin to get answers as lawmakers hold hearings into what went wrong. I expect there will be many hearings and lots of finger pointing. Texans deserve answers and they deserve to know what needs to be fixed and at what cost.

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