Everyone has that one fast food place that they consider a guilty pleasure. Even if you never eat fast food and you do your best to cook for yourself, you can’t help heading to that drive-thru when the cravings really kick in.

For me, that guilty pleasure is Taco Bell.

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, it's one of the only fast food places I can actually eat at because you can substitute their beef for beans. They also just have some tasty food. If you don't like taco bell, I have one question for you: have you tried the Crunch Wrap?

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Yesterday, I was running errands and just wanted to pick up something that would be fast and easy, so I went to the nearest Taco Bell. I pulled into the parking lot and went around back to the drive-thru. When I pulled around I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before in the grass behind this Taco Bell.

Prairie dogs.

Of course, Lubbock is full of these little critters and I'd noticed them in that area before, but I'd never seen them in that specific spot. That Taco Bell off Milwaukee and 82nd used to be my go-to when I lived in that area, but I hadn’t been there in almost a year.

So at some point in the last year, these guys either ran across the road to set up base in this spot, or they managed to dig under the road and pop up there. Either way, I was pleasantly surprised to find the little guys hanging out right next to the drive-thru behind the restaurant’s building.

You could tell they were used to people and cars being around all the time because they seemed completely unbothered by my presence. I’m used to the prairie dogs that live by my neighborhood that start making their little "meep" sounds at you if you get too close.

Now that I know this Taco Bell has been taken over by all these prairie dogs, I will probably go out of my way to get my fast food fix at this location so I can see the adorable critters every time.

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