A TikToker that goes by the handle @fattrophywife was kicked off of an Alaska Airlines flight for wearing a crop-top and told that showing her stomach was "inappropriate."

The airline has since apologized for calling the police and having the woman thrown off the plane. This is not the first time, nor sadly will it be the last, that a woman was shamed and humiliated in public for simply existing in her own body.

I grew up in a household where body-shaming was an everyday affair, and I can tell you first-hand that it completely messed with my head. I'm incredibly careful about what I wear, even to this day, because I was told that the way I looked was offensive to others. From "wear a bigger shirt, it will make you look thinner" to "your pants make you look like a popped can of biscuits." I've heard it all.

Countless diets, eating disorders, and drug use all followed shortly behind the shaming that I experienced from my own family, the people that are supposed to love me the most. I've never forgotten the things that were said to me, and I never will. I was fooled into believing that I somehow had less value than someone viewed as more "classically beautiful" -- whatever the hell that means.

It's heartbreaking that women are simply WRONG for taking up space in this world. No matter if you're thin or thick, tall or short, everyone seems to think that the way you look is of the utmost importance and that their opinion of you is the only thing that validates your existence. Women are often treated like their appearance is all that really matters. We've been treated like objects for far too long.

Do the police not have better things to do than detain a woman for her outfit? This is ridiculous.

The body positivity that has been poured out over the internet in recent years brings tears to my eyes. I wish I felt confident enough to wear what I wanted. To feel comfortable. To be happy. To feel loved for something more than my appearance. My mind still goes back to a dark place when I see myself in the mirror. I watch my teenage sisters boldly wear whatever they please, and it warms my heart and proves to me that the world is changing and women are taking back their self-esteem from those who have notoriously shunned them. We aren't putting up with it anymore.

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What's more, the woman was even shamed online for taking up for herself. Shamed for being upset. Shamed for being embarrassed about it. How are we supposed to move about this world without feeling the sting of every single eye? Why aren't big girls allowed the freedom to dress as they please and in what they feel comfortable in? What does it have to do with ANYTHING AT ALL? It doesn't. It's disgusting and uncalled for that in 2021, we are still fighting to be who we want to be.


Alaska Airlines messed up. They shouldn't have ever had to apologize because behavior such as this should never be tolerated by anyone, anywhere, and yet...here we are. Our bodies are so distracting to you, that we can't even board a flight. We have better things to do than worry about what you think of us.

Close your eyes if you don't like it, mother f***ers.

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