The perfect food combo might be here, and it starts with hot dog and ends with pizza.

Pizza Hut is apparently hoping to satisfy people's cravings for both hot dogs and pizza with its new Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

The pie boasts 28 mini hot dogs, either traditional or salted pretzel, for $11.99.

The only catch to ordering the hot dog-crusted pizza is it's an online-only option. According to a local Pizza Hut restaurant employee, you'll need to visit Pizza Hut's website, select the location you want to order from and then place an order for the Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Pizza Hut has had the Hot Dog Bites Pizza out for awhile in other countries, including Australia, Canada and the Middle East, but 2015 marks the Hot Dog Bites Pizza's U.S. debut.

The company says the U.S. debut for the unique pizza is for a limited time only.