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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton signed his name to two letters sent to the United States Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. One letter was in partnership with the America First Policy Institute along with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The other letter was a coalition of 20 state attorneys general from across the United States.

At issue is concern over the spread and funding of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project which is spreading in schools across Texas and the United States. The two projects are ideologically driven and factually inaccurate according to the Texas Attorney General and a press release that was sent out by office on Friday.

“The Department of Education’s proposed priorities promote misinformation, undermine civic unity, and foster hateful racism. Our nation is founded on the idea that all men are created equal. We have fought for and secured this belief over the course of our history and that unity must continue, not be forced back into the single, distorted lens of race,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Any projects that assign character traits, values, privileges, fault, or status to an individual based on their race are inherently flawed and go against our founding principles of equality.”

Texas State Lawmakers during the 87th Texas Legislative session are debating whether or not to ban Critical Race Theory from Texas classrooms. The ban would also apply to the 1619 Project.

As the press release said, the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory are "factually inaccurate interpretations of American history and government viewed primarily through the prism of race".

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