Listen to the entire interview with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton below.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined the afternoon edition of The Chad Hasty Show on Friday, June 25th to discuss some of the news issues of the day.

Paxton discussed the ongoing crisis along the Texas/Mexico border, voter fraud, voter integrity legislation and COVID-19 vaccinations.

On Friday, the Department of Justice announced that they would sue the State of Georgia of their voter integrity legislation that was passed earlier in the summer. While the Texas Legislature failed to pass its own voter integrity bill, the issue will come up during a special session in July.

When asked if he thought Texas would be sued by the Department of Justice, Paxton told The Chad Hasty Show that he did believe they would come after the state.

"If we pass a bill that makes sense, that protects the state from fraud, then yes the Department of Justice will definitely come after us," Paxton said.

Paxton went on to make the case that mail-in ballots lead to fraud.

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Paxton also discussed whether or not employers can fire employees who don't get the COVID-19 vaccination.

A Houston hospital has made state-wide headlines after 150 members of its staff were either fired or resigned because they did not want to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

According to the Texas Tribune, Houston Methodist was one of the first hospitals to require the everyone on staff to get vaccinated. Attorney General Paxton said it was a legal "gray area" at best:

That's such an interesting question. There was a bill in the Senate that they tried to pass that would have protected employees of companies who tried to use that to terminate employees. Texas is an at-will State. I don't know if anyone has challenged these firings yet because I don't know if we know the law this is sort of a novel question and I don't really know how it would turn out. What I think should happen is the legislature come back again and try to pass protections for people so their jobs are protected while they are making their own choices about their healthcare.

Finally, Paxton was asked if he had officially announced his re-election campaign for Texas Attorney General.

"Well, I don't know what officially is, I haven't had a chance to file yet because I can't file until November, but when anybody asks I say I'm running," he said. "So, maybe we can say this is official, I announced on The Chad Hasty Show."

As of today, Paxton will face Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman in the Republican Primary.

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