Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was suspended after being impeached from office but what's next? Along with the suspension and impeachment comes suspended pay for Attorney General Ken Paxton and now two lawyers.

The suspended pay is part of the Texas Constitution statement that those who are impeached are suspended from the exercise of their duties in the office that was held. KAMC news reports that with that portion of the Texas Constitution they were able to suspend Paxton's salary due to his suspended status in office. The Texas House did vote 121 to 23 to impeach Paxton on not just one but 20 articles of impeachment that the House General Investigating Committee brought forward during the proceedings.

During the impeachment proceedings the Attorney General's office did state that the impeachment proceedings against Paxton were illegal. The impeachment of Paxton is said to have been the result of a two-month investigation after asking to use state funds to settle a lawsuit. That lawsuit is in regards to the whistleblower lawsuit that was filed by four former employees of Paxton's who do claim he committed several wrongdoings.

It was also revealed that the attorneys for the prosecution and presenting the case on behalf of the House panel would be Dick DeGuerin and Rusty Hardin. Both attorneys have experience in high-profile cases involving former members of Congress and athletes. In the impeachment trial against Paxton the Texas Senate will be acting as the jury. Paxton will remain suspended from his position until the outcome of the impeachment is

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