Patrick Mahomes has finally made the rounds on Radio Row in Minnesota at the Super Bowl coverage. He got to talk all about how he's now the guy in Kansas City, what Alex Smith means to him and much more.

In the video above, Tiki and Tierney of CBS Radio open the interview basically saying it's Super Bowl or bust for the Kansas City Chiefs next season. "It's all about playing my game and going out there and having fun," Patrick Mahomes answered.

For a rookie, Mahomes is very good at answering different questions than the question that is asked. Most athletes that give interviews do this. They just give an answer that generally doesn't correlate, but still has a good sound bite or quote in it.

For instance, when asked if he could have replaced Alex Smith when he was playing poorly during the Chiefs' losing streak this season, Mahomes responded with class, saying: "I try to prepare every week like I'm the starter. Learning behind Alex...has helped me prepare for my future to come."

His most pertinent quote is a simple one that can lead to success in his career, "You never stop learning."

Elsewhere in Minnesota, Mahomes caught up with Sports Radio 810’s Soren Petro on a Facebook live interview and gave more great quotes.

Mahomes got a little deeper in this interview really getting into, for the first time, being the starter in Kansas City and what's to come next season. "I feel like if I get out there, I can make plays happen, and I’m just going to keep learning, keep getting better every single day," he said.

We all saw the plays and stats Mahomes had at Texas Tech, but he doesn't want to worry about his personal stats in 2018. In fact, he's only got one stat in mind: winning.

"I came from Texas Tech and had a ton of stats and didn’t win enough games. For me, it’s all about winning. I want to win the Super Bowl. I want to win the championship, and that’s it," Mahomes said.

We also learned a little more about the moment when he found about the trade of Alex Smith.

“I got calls from my agent and my family, but I was watching my brother play basketball," Mahomes said. "He’s in the last few games of districts, so I was watching that, and they’re undefeated so I was excited about it.” Mahomes also talked about how nothing is official and how he was going to continue to work the same way he had been working.

What stands out the most is what Mahomes said about how much Alex Smith meant to him as a mentor and what he learned from him.

“Just how to be a professional," Mahomes said. "[Alex is] a great pro, someone who game plans week in and week out. He really loves this, and I’ll forever cherish the person that he is and he’ll be a great friend no matter what happens.”

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