Patrick Mahomes recently secured the richest contract in sports history when he signed an extension with the Kansas City Chiefs worth potentially half a billion dollars. Even before he signed that contract, Mahomes had made it clear that he was going to try and stay in Kansas City for the long term.

It's understandable why the Chiefs doubled down on Mahomes after he led them to the franchise's first Super Bowl in the last 50 years and had taken them to three straight AFC championship games.

Mahomes proved those roots he wanted to plant even before the contract by purchasing a house in Kansas City right on the border between Missouri and Kansas City. And by “the border,” I mean literally on the border.

Mahomes resides in Kansas City, Missouri, but if he crossed the street, he'd be in Kansas City, Kansas.

Mahomes lives in the home with his fiancee Brittany Matthews and the couple's daughter. Matthews led the remodel of the couple's home, including Mahomes' epic shoe closet…er, shoe room? Shoe shrine? I don't know what you'd really call it, but there's a beautiful heavily backlit room of windows and shelves for all of his Adidas and Oakley products in the house and it's awesome.

You can also check out the Mahomes abode below to see what it looked like before Brittany worked her magic on the space. I'm sure the lovable Jackson Mahomes is also at the residence, TikToking his little heart out.

39 Stunning Photos of Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Castle

Patrick Mahomes lives in Kansas City, Missouri, but could be in Kansas City, Kansas by crossing the street.

Bonus: Here's a Bleacher Report spotlight on the room stacked with hundreds of shoes and sunglasses:


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