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This weekend was tough for Texas Tech fans. Sure you weren't expected to win, but being up 15 with just a few minutes left on the clock and still losing is brutal. There's a reason why the phrase, "Typical Tech" exists. I don't know if the football program is cursed, there's talk of a hex on the salty seas, but I do know our fearless leader of fans Patrick Mahomes was on the front lines with us on twitter on Saturday afternoon.

Mahomes was mostly silent through the first half, but let the team know he was tuned in after half time. I'm not going to say he caused it, but the team found a spark after that and went on quite the run turning a 10 point halftime deficit into a 42-38 point lead heading into the 4th quarter.

The 4th quarter is where the twitter feed, just like the game itself, got a little dicey.

Mahomes loved the slant route to Vasher to go up 41-49. Lubbock Native Marquise Goodwin was a fan of it as well.

Obviously, Mahomes was pumped about SaRodorick racing down the sideline for a touchdown. Obviously, I mean it put Texas Tech up 56-41 with three minutes left in the game.

But, Mahomes knows the momentum shift in a football game when he sees one and when Sam Ehlinger was carving Texas Tech up on a 30-second drive to cut the lead in half.

Mahomes was sweating.

With the cracks in the armor showing, Mahomes, like many other Red Raiders noticed Mike Leach waltzing into Baton Rouge with Mississippi State and breaking three-decade-old passing records like it's easy and coming away with a win in his first SEC game as the head coach of the Mississippi State Bulldogs against defending national champions LSU on the road.

K.J. Costello is the Mississippi State QB who had 600-plus yards.

The onside kick that Texas recovered led to our collective crashing back to earth after being entirely too high for our own good as a collective fanbase.

Don't we know what happens? Patrick had it right. We shouldn't get excited.

The final move that every Red Raider fan made on Saturday was a big ole, "WTF." when Matt Wells called a timeout with 9 seconds left heading into overtime, just to punt the ball to Texas. After the game, Wells said that he had the down wrong and thought it was third down. When he realized it was 4th down he went ahead and punted it.

Just like the Red Raiders' chances, Mahomes was done at regulation.

He didn't need to tweet the overtime, just like Texas Tech didn't need to be on the field. It was just a formality. The Longhorns had all the momentum and the karma from Bowman swinging the ole Horns Down hand sign.

Now we all get to do it again tonight for the Ravens vs Chiefs game.

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