Twenty-eight different NFL teams were on campus Friday morning for the annual pro day, and all eyes were on Patrick Mahomes.

Out of 32 teams in the NFL, the 224-lb quarterback had an impressive number of twenty-eight different team representatives come out to see what he had to offer despite already seeing him at the combine.

Some of these representatives included New York Giants coach Ben McAdoo, 49ers general manager John Lynch and many scouts from multiple teams. Stealing the spotlight, Mahomes threw roughly 80 passes to his former Texas Tech teammates Reginald Davis III, Devin Lauderdale, Tyler Scalzi, and Luke Stice. Mahomes worked under center for the majority of the passing session, showing off his arm strength.

All eyes were on him, including his family, who drove six-and-a-half hours to watch him. Mahomes showed the pros what they came looking for, ending the session with an 80-yard Hail Mary into the north end zone, right into the hands of Devin Lauderdale. When asked why he decided to throw a Hail Mary, he responded, "I have the big arm. Why not show it off?"

Patrick Mahomes
Kimberlee Wolfe,

It's hard to predict where Mahomes will end up, seeing as some teams are desperately in need of a starter, while other teams need a back-up to be groomed and learn the system before being thrown in the fire.

Naturally, many people predict that the Cleveland Browns would pick Mahomes because they're desperately trying to get rid of Brock Osweiler and reform their team. However, I believe that Mahomes has a lot more to offer to higher-caliber teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants and even the Pittsburg Steelers who have Ben Roethlisberger, whose playing days are drawing to an end. I could even potentially see Mahomes going to the Houston Texans, who have yet to make a deal with the Dallas Cowboys to retrieve Tony Romo. The Texans may be holding off on signing a deal with Romo because they might see something in a young star like Mahomes, rather than Romo, who's previously shown us he can't stay healthy.

Regardless, there is no doubt about it that Mahomes has the talent that many teams in the NFL are in need of.

The NFL draft will begin on April 27th, where all eyes will continue to be on Patrick Mahomes.

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