I think I'm going to submit "line-blind" to Urban Dictionary.

I would describe "line-blind" as someone who has perfectly fine vision, but loses their sight when they spot a parking space.

A friend of mine curated a Facebook page called You Suck at Parking. Judging by the stuff I've experienced over the last few days, it's time for you guys to join and start putting people on blast.

Parking is such a basic skill. The best part is, if you suck at it, you can do it over and over until you get it right. I don't know why anybody would take a machine they pay thousands and thousands of dollars for and put it into a position to get tore up or towed.  Then again, I've driven next to these people, and at the end of the day their parking skills don't surprise me that much.

Here are some folks who need to go back to driver's ed.

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