Much has been said about Kliff Kingsbury and if he should have a job or not.

This isn't a post to debate the merits of Kingsbury or his reign at the helm of the Red Raider Football program. In fact, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who the coach at Texas Tech should be.

However, there are two names that I don't ever need to hear again in association of being the head coach at Texas Tech.

Before we get into it, here's a list of coaches better for Texas Tech than Mike Leach and Art Briles.


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I love Mike Leach.

I just love him at a distance.

He lost his fair share of maddening games at Texas Tech. Just two weeks ago, he lost to CAL, only scoring three points.

How outrageous for a good team to have a bad week.

Even if Texas Tech wanted Leach back, like he's the only person in the world that can win at Texas Tech, why in the world would he ever come back?

Maybe you haven't noticed the crusade Leach has been on? Even if Texas Tech paid him his allegedly owed $1.7 million, do you think he'd even come back to Lubbock? The new contract would also be riddled with escape clauses, Claus clauses and guarantees. It would be a logistical nightmare.

You would also alienate a large number in your fanbase that believe Kent Hance and the administration handled the situation properly.

However you look at it, Leach coming back to Texas Tech is just outrageous. Kliff Kingsbury has a better chance at taking over at Alabama next week than Mike Leach ever coming back to Texas Tech.

Mike Leach, for all his wacky oddities, just isn't a fit anymore in Lubbock, Texas.

I want this to be wrong, I do. But it isn't. Mike Leach and Texas Tech are never, ever, getting back together.


Jamie Squire, Getty Images
Jamie Squire, Getty Images

This name is the worst name in coaching. He's everything that is wrong with college athletics.

He's on par with Rick Pitino. He's up there with Joe Paterno.

Not only did he turn his head away from the sexual assault, but he actively ignored it, allowing at least 31 Baylor players to be involved in 52 rapes from 2011-2014.

His staff told his players when the compliance office was coming and provided detox methods, to pass drug tests.

Art Briles isn't the answer to Texas Tech's problems.

Briles led his program with zero integrity, and he deserves the shame and dismissal he has received in return.

Art Briles couldn't even keep a job in Canada. The CFL's Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced they were hiring him, but were faced with a swift piece of internet justice and the outrage forced them to back out of their agreement.

I could get behind the idea of hiring Mike Leach or someone like him 1,000 times before I would get behind Art Briles coming to Texas Tech.

I would rather switch football programs with Kansas than win a hypothetical national championship with Art Briles. I would rather wear wet socks for the rest of my life than see Texas Tech hire Art Briles.


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