October 12, 2016

Lubbock, TX (KFYO) - Townsquare Media of Lubbock is proud to announce the addition of an FM frequency to News/Talk 790, KFYO. Effective immediately, KFYO will simulcast its existing programming 24/7, 365 days a year on 95.1 FM.

KFYO is Lubbock’s first radio station, moving to Lubbock in 1932 from Abilene, Texas (originally starting in 1926 in Texarkana, TX), and is the heritage broadcast outlet for news, talk, weather and Agriculture information across Lubbock and West Texas.

The 95.1 FM frequency is designed to complement the existing 790 AM in Lubbock, Lubbock County and some of the surrounding area outside of Lubbock County. The 95.1 FM frequency can be heard in buildings in downtown Lubbock and will give our listeners another over-the-air listening option in all parts of Lubbock County.

"Today is another banner day in KFYO’s storied 90-year history," said Townsquare Media of Lubbock Market Manager Philip Hand. "The addition of the 95.1 FM frequency to KFYO will allow KFYO’s highly rated news/talk programming to become more accessible in the largest population center we cover."

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Lubbock County’s estimated population as of July 2015 is 299,453.

KFYO will continue to broadcast 24/7/365 on 790 AM (which covers a 130 to 190-mile radius around Lubbock), stream worldwide online at KFYO.com and stream to tablets and phones with the radioPup app.

"We are excited to add the 95.1 FM frequency to KFYO," said Rob Snyder, News & Sports Operations Manager for Townsquare Media of Lubbock. "KFYO is one of the most dynamic and active news/talk radio stations across Texas and being able to add our programming of local talk shows, local news, Ron Roberts weather, Agriculture information and national talkshows to the FM band is a big coup for us."

KFYO is traditionally rated in the Top 10 radio stations in Lubbock (listeners 12-plus years old) according to Nielsen ratings. The addition of 95.1 FM will give KFYO the opportunity to expand its listenership.

More information about News/Talk 95.1 FM and 790 AM, KFYO can be found at our KFYO 95.1 FAQ.

The new KFYO logo package was designed by Utmost Design at 2424 Texas Avenue in Lubbock. You can visit their website for more information.