A new election will be held soon for the Republican nominee for Hockley County Sheriff.

R.C. Cheek and incumbent Sheriff Paul Scarborough faced off in the July 31st Republican Party primary runoff election, and Cheek originally won by 2 votes.

The first recount had Cheek winning by a single vote, and yet another recount had Scarborough as the victor by 1 vote.

Cheek filed a lawsuit contesting the results, and a Hockley County Judge ordered a new election.

The new election between Cheek and Scarborough will be held on Tuesday, September 18th. Early voting in that election will start on September 10th.

The same polling places will be open for the September 18th election as were for the July 31st runoff.

The winner in the Republican primary election will face former Hockley County Sheriff David Kinney in November.