I thought getting my COVID-19 booster was going to be a pain, but it ended up being as cool as an experience as getting a shot can be.

Finding a COVID booster wasn't easy, because I was looking towards the places where I got my initial two shots. A friend then tipped me off to go to CVS and that struck me as weird.

So what's it like going to a drugstore for a vaccine? I have to admit that I was just a little trepidatious about getting a shot from a pharmacist (although I'm certain they could probably do it). What I found out is that CVS actually has a nurse on-site to give the shots.

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Inside the store (at least the one at 3402 50th Street) there was a little cubicle set up in the store, almost like a triage tent, in which they were giving the shots.

All in all, it was a pretty effective process that starts with making an appointment online for the type of shot you want (you'll need your insurance information). On the day of your shot, you check in 15 minutes before your appointment, then, at your appointed time, you check in with the pharmacy department who makes sure your ID and other paperwork are in order.

When it's your time, you get called over to the tent and you get a shot (that doesn't even feel like a shot) and are asked to hang out for 15 minutes to make sure you don't suffer any ill effects.

So to sum it up, we shopped while we waited for the shot, got the shot, and shopped afterward. That's not a bad deal at all.

I guess some will ask, "what's the booster like?" That's kind of not a fair question because it's different for everyone. When I got my second shot, I had chills for a short time the next day. With the booster, I have a barely sore arm and very, very slight fatigue.

Keep yourself healthy, and that appointment setter is right here (for all shots).

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