Wednesday morning on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe joined Matt and Dave in the KFYO studio to talk about all the latest in Lubbock County.

The three discussed the extensive feral hog problem in Texas, crime rates and trends, illegal immigration, "sanctuary cities", and more.

Describing the general situation in the county, Rowe said, "Really, overall, I think things are going very very well."

Moving to the type of crimes where the department is seeing an increase in activity, Rowe said, "Unfortunately, what we do see and we have been seeing going up has been the narcotics and that type of stuff. That's why you've heard me talking a lot about that over the past year - year and a half or so just because that problem has just blown up."

Rowe also described points in the always controversial issue of illegal immigration and "sanctuary cities", and how some local governments come to enact policies refusing to coorperate with federal authorities. Rowe said,

Those are decisions that are being made by city councils, by commissioners courts, and even, sadly in some cases law enforcement officials, counterparts to me, around not only the state but the nation, that are making practical decisions not to enforce, not to work with federal immigration authorities and those types of things.

The discussion also included procedures the Sheriff Department uses when encountering people who are illegally in the country, as well as law enforcement vehicle chases including recent local pursuits that resulted in fatalities.

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