Tuesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Milo Yiannopoulos joined Chad to discuss his program yesterday at Texas Tech University, in which he expounded on the 'victimhood' attitude in the gay community, and the subject of activism and political correctness on American college campuses. Yiannopoulos is beginning his speaking tour to over forty college campuses, and Texas Tech was his first stop.

When asked about his visit to the Hub City and how he was received, Yiannopoulos said, "I was very impressed. It was a very well behaved, very ordered, very polite audience, no crazy protesters outside. The great state of Texas showed itself in a very, very good light yesterday, and we had a good time."

While talking with Hasty about activism on college campuses and the 'Black Lives Matter' movement, Yiannopoulos said,

It's absolutely insane, and so dangerous, and so terrifying to have a movement that just outright celebrates the death of police officers like that. And you know, the other thing about Black Lives Matter...The only effect of Black Lives Matter [produces] is black communities in flames. Burning down their own towns like petulant children throwing their toys out of the pram [baby carriage], and throwing around conspiracy theories about white supremacy. This is a movement born of the progressive left, the social justice instinct on college campuses. That's why I go to college campuses, because it's in American universities that this stuff starts, and it's from universities that it spreads.

Yiannopoulos continued, saying,

It's very scary what's happening on American college campuses, supposedly the freest country in the world. But what's actually happening on campuses is some of the most terrifyingly authoritarian, leftist scare-mongering, and conspiracy-theorizing, and the [justification] of real violence. You know, not the kind of violence the left likes to talk about, violent speech, whatever the hell that is, but actual violence against police officers, and that's terrifying.

More information about yesterday's program at TTU, as well as a link to video from the entire presentation is available here.

Listen to the entire interview with Milo Yiannopoulos in the video above.

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