One Lubbock non-profit is asking the public for their help while they give back to a small group in need. The Ringtail Ranch recently accepted 12 new lemurs into their facility after another facility in Dallas, Texas had to rehome their lemurs due to a medical emergency.

In an interview at the Lubbock Townsquare Media Studios Jeanna Treider, with the Ringtail Ranch, spoke a little more in depth about the situation. Treider states that they are needing donations so that the non-profit can properly feed and house the 12 new lemurs that are now in Lubbock. This is because lemurs eat lots of produce and need to be housed with access to the outdoors while also being able to keep warm. Ringtail Ranch is housing the 12 new lemurs in their emergency housing, which is a shipping crate, that has been repurposed into housing that is the right temperature to keep the lemurs comfortable.

Ringtail Ranch does ask anyone who is able to to please donate, whether that monetary of panels from Tractor Supply, that would go towards helping the lemurs adjust to their new home in the Hub City. The Ringtail Ranch does also offer events that the public can participate in such as painting with lemurs, animal encounters, enrichment workshops and much more.

The Ringtail Ranch doesn't just home lemurs but also has a few other animals such a bearded dragon, miniature pony, kangaroos, a marmoset and even a macaw, just to name a few. Anyone interested in getting more information about the Ringtail Ranch or wanting to book a special event can contact Jeanna Treider at 806-781-1076.

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