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Bit of a sticky wicket for Holocaust Deniers out there, these days.
A lot of history being revealed; displayed in 3D for the world.
Live, techno-color, 24/7 .. no more grainy B&W stock stuff, no.

We can keep it simple:
Hitler wanted to kill the Jews. All of them.
Hamas wants to kill the Jews, too. All of them.

Hamas has declared Friday the 13th as an official day of Jihad (Holy War) upon the world. FYI: these declarations never go away. They are blood oaths. It's why we even have this topic to discuss. It's why we even have a Holocaust Part II, like some bad Hollyweird sequel.

People all over the world are supporting Hamas -even AFTER- seeing the abject horrors of their deeds acted out upon defenseless women and children and infants. I won't list any here (yet) because it's just too much. The simple comparison and facts above should be enough (for now).

I say "yet" and "for now" because it is obvious that we have forgotten the people and events surrounding 9/11 of 2001. We were outraged, for a minute, when a Democrat Muslim (Omar, D - Minn) said "some people did something". The time will come soon enough because it is obvious that SO many simply do not get "it". The "it" being Islam - the now "mostly peaceful" religion. The time WILL come when we have to say the ugly words and post the ugly pictures. It will be tough because we all saw how even mere "Mean Tweets" were handled.

Muslims are either full-on extremists, or live in fear of extremists, or are closeted cell extremists in Jihad,  or are clueless lip-service muslims. These last in "lip service" are like those Christians who only go to church on Christmas or Easter and/or who don't own nor ever even read, a Bible. They just claim a religion based upon their upbringing or environs but they aren't "all in"; they aren't "practicing", as they say. No one is "practicing" today - these are pros in the Big Leagues now.

You never hear an ayatollah, cleric, mullah or imam say: "those people are doing it wrong ..", no. They just call them "extremists". Like calling that guy in your office a "workaholic". You're all doing the same thing, he's just really good at "application and execution" - no pun intended.

The Left demanded 24/7, for weeks and weeks, that Trump denounce any/all white supremacists because some showed up at a rally or posted they like Trump via social media. Today, we ask democrats to denounce Hamas and they say nothing in return. Biden labeled Hamas as "terrorists" .. so? What are waiting for? Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, from Congress to corporations to classrooms at every level, ANYONE who openly declares support -of ANY kind- for Hamas needs to be removed from any/all positions of security, power or influence from the Federal Level on down to Main Street USA. They need to then be asked to resign because voting them out of office isn't going to work - for two reasons: a) people don't trust elections anymore and b) the places they come from are over-flowing with like-minded masses.

Minnesota and Michigan are pretty much gone. There are parts of the Texas Metroplex that have zero english signage. It's all in Arabic. People and communities in the thousands.  And this is all BEFORE Biden's Open Border fiasco.

It's deliberate. Yes, deliberate. Slow, methodical, patient and deliberate planning to destroy America from within. It's the only way now. Trump proved that! Energy independence and peace in the Middle East?!? in just FOUR years?!? Unheard of; never=before-seen.

It's why this week happened. Instability, unrest, violence and chaos are the symptoms of the day when Hell is unleashed. Sadly, this has been going on throughout Europe for ages. No one reports on it until recently, but it's too late. Within 24 hours of Hamas' initial strikes, we witnessed pro-Hams demonstrations in London, Toronto, Paris, Sydney, NYC and DC. Thousands and thousands in the streets saying "Kill them ALL. Kill the West (Americans)! Kill the Jews!".

We warned you that the rhetoric of Love, Diversity, Tolerance, Peace and Unity was BS.

In Europe they've been playing for keeps, while here in the United States, we've been evolving from angry words, to censorship, special rights and Cancel Culture, to vandalism, to carnage and looting, to assault and murder. Hamas is the Endgame.

Have you heard the New Holocaust? Have you met the New Holocaust? It only STARTS with the Jews.



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