Millennials are set to make up at least 75 percent of the workforce by 2025 said Carrie Maslen, Global Vice President for small and medium business enterprises.

Maslen discussed rampant technology and how it impacts the modern workforce with Tom and Laura Monday (March 2).

Millennials are the under-thirties group that are natives to technology and never knew life pre-tablet, pre-cellphone and pre-tablet. Compare them to the over-thirties group, who would be called digital immigrants since they weren't born into technology.

Maslen said:

They expect to be socially connected. They expect to have the ability to do computing anywhere, at anytime on any device and so we have to figure out how to work with this population because it's going to be the majority of the people that we work with, that we employ or we might even be working for.

In the workplace, it's all about keeping the communication open. Maslen suggests feedback -- whether positive or negative -- needs to occur frequently, not just annually.

"It's the old ancient philosophy of managing by walking around," Maslen said.

Listen to the entire interview with Carrie Maslen in the YouTube video player above.

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