I freely admit that I am almost 43, and I grew up listening to what is now referred to as Yacht Rock Radio. (Thanks Mom!)

Yacht Rock Radio includes Stealy Dan, The Doobie Brothers, America, etc. And is so popular that Sirius XM has a whole channel devoted to these soft rock favs.


But today I was caught off guard by a millennial. And this proved to me that millennials and younger are clueless.

I was listening to Yacht Rock Radio on S/XM and I had a young lady from work with me.

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen comes on the radio. (If you forgot the song, or never heard it, press play below and listen to it first before reading further!)

Ok now that we have that out of the way, remember the lyrics that go:

Skate a little lower now
The cuervo gold...
The fine colombian...
Make tonight a wonderful thing...

The millennial looks at me and says:

Ewww Tequila and Coffee...Gross

I just look at her with my jaw dropped thinking "WTF!" to myself.

I asked her if that is what she really thought, and it was.

I had to explain he was talking about Tequila, a little cocaine and some booty under the sheets.

She didn't believe me.

Clueless folks, teach your kids better. Explain these things to them so I don't have to later on!

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