I didn't write the following passage concerning (or maybe condemning) the current crop of late teens and 20-somethings in the world.  But the points made by the author, Dan Isett, are ones I can agree with.   If the name Dan Isett sounds familiar to you, it probably is, as Dan has appeared on the Chad Hasty Show as a guest over the years.

Dan doesn't know I am posting this to KFYO.com, but I figured this would be something that the average KFYO listener would appreciate and relate to.

Without any further ado, here's what Dan wrote on October 3, 2013.


"I’m sick to death of news stories written about, and largely by, the generation of people that calls itself “millenials (sic).” You guys are not special. You don’t have problems any more monumental than those faced by any other generation of people and you have a lot more technology to help you. You have never faced real economic disaster, and you very likely lived with your folks when the housing crisis hit. Many of you still do. You have never faced total war. Many of you can’t construct a paragraph of cohesive thought on any subject without a grammatical error or a strained analogy.

"We get it. You’re oh-so-desperately cynical and full of angst. But you’re also too busy trying to be cool and hipster-ish to do much of anything about it. You believe in “community service” and “tolerance” but you don’t put it into action. You value “culture” but worship at the altar of those you idolize whose values perpetuate your own cynicism and angst.

"You live in a world and in a country of unrivaled prosperity and opportunity. Be grateful for that. Capitalize on that.

"You can do better. You deserve better. Our country needs to you step up to the plate and be adults.

"Respectfully submitted by a grouchy but concerned member of “Generation X”", -- Dan Isett


Now granted, with all that being said, there are some Millennials (Generation Y) that don't perpetuate what Dan has written about. But there are enough out there that allow his words to have an impact.

Do you agree with Dan, or think he's offbase?  Let us know in the comments below